Usage of SK-II face-mask backstage at NYFW

The rising wave of personal cosmetics has progressively opened the doors to high-end beauty products making it easier to achieve professional-looking results. In this week’s beauty review, we take a look at the miraculous complexion enhancer that is, the SK-II facemask.

The story behind this product began at a sake brewery in Japan where scientists noticed the youthful hands of the elderly workers. After years of research, they isolated the miracle ingredient Pitera TM—a natural liquid derived from the yeast fermentation process. This became the main component of the special facemask.

The SK-II cotton mask is designed to mold to your skin and then to peel off to reveal a fresh glow after only 15 minutes of application. This product has become the secret of many make-up artists and celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Kate Bosworth and Haruka Ayase.

Used as a miracle worker during New York fashion weeks, to refresh models’ tiered skin and make the girls look as if they have had a good night rest (when most likely they woke up at 4 am for their first calltime).


What it is:
SK-II mask adds moister and radiance to your skin.

What it is formulated to do:
Dehydrated skin will be left refreshed and cool thanks to the special SK-II formula with Pitera’s fusion of vitamin, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. This 100 percent cotton mask will revitalize, comfort and provide intense hydration.

Fun fact:
As a bridal skincare ritual, the Japanese like to soak Facial Treatment Masks everyday for more than 90 days prior to the wedding day.


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