Body Art:


There was scarcely a thing unknown about Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton girl this season. Quite the contrary, the collection was all about an “instinctive mix” of the familiar—modest silhouettes, practical pieces, and an interesting palette. However, while much of the collection was a constant, there was a nice thread of Woodstock sewn in toward the end for good measure.


Grommeted lacing, armored leather panels, and underbust corsetry, these martial maidens are ready for conquest. But who said battle couldn’t be sexy? Tisci certainly didn’t, and the girls this season cast all doubts aside. Clad in conquistador-inspired piety and gladiator eroticism, these guerreras satiated the desires of all circles—secular or not. ‘Santa María, Madre de Dios,’ el Siglo de Oro que ya comenzó.


Off to the courts it was for the girls in Alexander Wang. With flyknit minis and hole-punched skirts, this collection spoke of two things, sportswear and structure; however, unlike like seasons’ past, this
collection was nothing short of sexy.


A Far East vision of floriated gardens, imperial warriors, and futuristic fetishism, Sarah Burton’s spring collection paid homage to the Orient after her multiple trips to Japan.


It was quite the sinful collection with sex, bondage, and Studio 54 glitterati at the forefront of Rousteing’s mind this season. Teasing cutouts, plenty of skin, and strappy leather garments, “pushing the boundaries of sex,” as the designer emphatically described his vision, hardly required second thought.


Hedi Slimane put a new twist to things through flashy prints and bold colors. But who is this Saint Laurent gal exactly? A L.A. groupie who gets off on vintage French couture and has no problem claiming it.


Girl Power and freedom marches! Chanel took to the streets in 1960’s picketing fashion. With feminism as the collection’s primary subject, color was a must. Though, it would be a crime to say that color was the only showstopper. While in the age of flower power and peace signs, Lagerfeld made it a point to represent every girl of the decade from the suited tomboys to the accessorized preppies and all the in-betweens.



Text: Michael Ghossainy, Make-up and body painting: Anastasia Durasova @ The Wall Group using M.A.C. cosmetics, Hair: Elsa Canedo, Models: Jennifer Pugh and Kristel van Valkenhoef @ Muse NYC, Body painting team:  Jen Evans, Mickayla Pence, Rachel Estabrook, Jessica Ragozzino